New Season 2024 Oil Fresh from the Press!

We're very excited - we finished harvesting our olives at the weekend. The weather was fine, the olives fell into the bins in their colourful glory, Anthony did his usual magic with a harvester, David was superb on the tractor loading the bins, and Nick provided the alchemy at the press to create this excellent oil! After last year's non-event - no oil at all- it was a relief and a joy to have such a successful week.

I'm contacting everyone to spread the good news, put in your order  now for this delicious fresh Tawarri Grove oil! We'll have 500ml bottles and 2L casks only for this special, fresh from the press, oil. We'll be dispatching orders in early June. The excitement of the new oil is like biting into the first cherry of the season: all the senses taking in this once-a-year deliciousness.

Meanwhile, the rest of our oil will be "settling " itself, and we'll start packaging that in the beginning of July. Our 250 ml bottles and 4 Litre casks will be available then as well.

The freshness is still there after settling; the main difference is that sometimes the really fresh oil is a little cloudy, as the tiny particulates still swirl about in the oil. You may find - if you are silly enough not to use this oil in a few weeks! - that there is a little residue in the bottom of  your cask or bottle. It's all part of the newness!

Order now to ensure you get your June or July 2024 oil.