Our Olive Oil


Like the olives of Tuscany, our olive trees enjoy a touch of snow on the slopes of the Pinnacle, near Mt Canobolas, Orange, New South Wales. The cool climate gives the olives a freshness and piquancy as they develop through the mild summer and autumn.

Our well-balanced fruity oils with a peppery finish, are made with Frantoio, Corregiola, Leccino, Arbequina, Coratina and Manzanillo olives.  Our olives are cold processed immediately after picking, usually in May. We allow the oil to settle for a while, then decant into bottles and casks. Our new season oil is ready by July, to enjoy for the next two years at least!

Our Mazanillo olives will be pickled as table olives – delicious, coloured and black olives to enjoy any time of day


Our Olive varieties are:


Small / medium fruit (2-3g). High yields. Ripens mid/late season. High oil content. Pickled fruit have a nutty flavour. Can be processed as Ligurian olives. Origin: Tuscany, Italy. Compatible pollinator for a range of varieties; suggested cross-pollinators are Leccino, Coratina and Pendulino.


Small / medium fruit (2-3g). High yields. Ripens late season. High oil content. Origin: Tuscany, Italy. Suggested cross-pollinators are Leccino, Coratina, Pendulino.


Small /medium fruit (2-2.5g). Bears young. Medium /high oil content. Ripens early/mid season. Origin: Tuscany, Italy. Considered dual purpose. Very cold resistant.


Small fruit (1-2g). Bears young. High yields. Ripens early/mid season. High oil content. Origin: Spain. Considered cold resistant. Performs well in warm and cold climates. Ornamental.


Medium fruit (2-3.5g). Bears young. High oil content. Ripens late season. Origin: Apulia


Medium / large fruit (4.8g). High yields. Ripens early. Excellent pickling fruit. Pickled green or black. Fruit is of excellent taste and texture. Fruit should be processed before it is fully ripe to retain flesh firmness. Origin: Spain. Milder oil, though extraction can be difficult. Suggested cross-pollinators are Sevillano, Frantoio, Picual and Arbequina.